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Board Determined Loan Rates

Rates are Subject to Change Without Notice / Contact the Credit Union to Verify Current Rates

NEW VEHICLES(never titled):
2021 -2022 As low as 2.2% APR*
1-3 Years Old As low as 2.4% APR*
4-7 Years Old As low as 2.75% APR*
8-13 Years Old As low as 5.5% APR*
Over 13 Years Old As low as 6.75% APR*
Other Loans:
RVs Call for extended terms
Motorcycles, ATVs Same as auto
Boats, Trailers Same as auto

*APR is the Annual Percentage Rate.
*Subject to change without notice.
*Subject to credit check & credit approval


Share Secured:  Up to 60 Months 2.5% APR*
Up to 60 Months As low as 8% APR*